SMMEs Create Opportunities

| May 28, 2015

Debswana Strategy and Business Improvement maanager Mr Kgolagano Banabotlhe has hailed the Small Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) as engines of development in all economies in the world.

Speaking at the roadshow and market day organised by the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) in Palapye recently, he said in addition to being drivers of the economy, SMMEs also provided jobs for many.

Though he appreciated challenges faced by entrepreneurs, he also alluded to the opportunities they create in terms of employment for others saying they were fighting a noble battle, and success will depend on their passion and attitude towards challenges.

“We are living in a global economy, that need entrepreneurs to be part of bigger market, through the use of innovation and technology to lift Botswana’s SMMEs to greater heights, so that we are able to produce meaningfully to reduce the country’s high import bill,” Mr Banabotlhe said.

He urged those in SMMEs scheme to be passionate about what they do and sell for the success of their business.

Given LEA’s mandate of cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship amongst local enterprises, he said this could only be achieved through collaborative interventions and partnership which can empower and motivate citizens to build sustainable businesses.

Last year LEA adopted a new strategy for 201417, which empowers the organisation to offer entrepreneurship assistance to all sectors of the economy.

The strategy aims at addressing growth of the agricultural sub-sectors of leather, horticulture, dairy and piggery.

He said the 201314 research which identified and assessed business opportunities across the country came up with areas of economic activity which gave each region a competitive edge.

“It is common that the setting in which a business operates is critical to the success of the venture while opportunities identified in these region will be shared with local entrepreneurs,” he said.

He urged entrepreneurs to make use of the services provided by LEA to ensure growth and sustainability of their businesses.

Mr Banabotlhe noted that in Serowe LEA branch has trained a number of key groups in entrepreneurship awareness including form 5 students in senior secondary school, and brothers and sisters in prisons and brigades.

He said such efforts go a long way in assisting this country to achieve noble goal of inclusive growth.

The event was held under the theme: Dikgwebo tse di Potlana: Pinagare ya Itsholelo ya Setshaba.

Source : PALAPYE

Source : Botswana Daily News

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