Soccer Challenge Spices Up Easter

| April 9, 2015

While many people left the comfort of their homes to spend Easter holidays in religious towns and various places of worship, others turned to sport as a way of celebrating the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ.

In Tati Siding, many residents flocked to the village sports grounds to witness a football extravaganza which pitted six teams from within the village and two from Matshelagabedi and Shashe Bridge.

The teams took part in a three-day round robin tournament which ended on Monday, April 6.

The tournament, however, had been going on for many years but the difference this year, according to its organiser, Tati Siding West councillor, Dumani Kelepi, was a floating trophy and prize money for winners and all competing teams were introduced.

In an interview during the tournament, Cllr Kelepi highlighted that the objective of the football tournament was to engage the youth and keep them busy through soccer so that they could stay away from alcohol abuse and other social vices.

In addition, he said the tournament sought to unite people in the village so that they could get the opportunity to interact and share ideas.

“This event also served as a form of entertainment for people who would otherwise be bored with nowhere to go,” added Kelepi.

Kelepi also explained that they managed to source sponsorship for the tournament from Igraa and Leseding Interiors.

Consequently, he mentioned that the gathering of people in one place would also boost the economy of small business people who sell foodstuffs to those who were watching the games.

He explained that next year the tournament would be improved to include prizes for individual players.

The winner of the tournament was awarded a floating trophy, gold medals and P3 500 the runners-up got silver medals and P2 500 the third placed team got bronze medals and P1 000, while the fourth placed team was rewarded with P1 000 only.

Teams that got positions five to eight were given a consolation prize of P300 each. The councillor was pleased with the attendance of the tournament, noting that spectator numbers rose with days as expected.

Participating teams included Bantu, Makoya, All Stars, Arrows, Jani, Celtics, all from Tati Siding while Tumediso and Actors FC represented Matshelagabedi and Shashe Bridge respectively.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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