Social Clubs Clean Ghanzi

| May 13, 2015

Social clubs in Ghanzi township embarked on a clean-up campaign over the weekend with the aim to network and add value to their communities.

Botsalano Social club public relations officer, Mr Parks Nacane, said in an interview that they wanted to engage all social clubs in Ghanzi, but only four turned up.

According to Mr Nacane, they were expecting Dumela, Mokento, Sexanana, Botsalano, Ghanzi senior school and Taxi social clubs. However, Mr Nacane said only Dumela, Sexanana, Botsalano and Mokento answered the call.

He said his club came up with the idea of giving back to the community in partnership with Spar Botswana, adding they have various activities lined up for the year. In 2013, Botsalano social club donated Christmas hampers to patients at Ghanzi Hospital while last year they handed them to Prisons inmates.

He explained that they wanted to engage with all social clubs in the township so as to bridge the social gap believed to be among Ghanzi residents.

Mr Nacane explained that by working together with two other clubs, Sexanana and Taxi Social Club, they would be able to address social differences, hence the clean-up campaign.

He further said through their interactions, they would show that they were equal and together shared a common goal of developing Ghanzi community which could only be attained through cooperation.

Although they had been donating to Ghanzi community only, Mr Nacane said they also wished to cover all corners of the Ghanzi district.

However, he said this year they had not been able to do anything because of financial constraints, but were making efforts to include one of the settlements in the district.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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