Somerset East Decries Lack of Developments

| May 15, 2015

Somerset East Ward Development Committee (WDC) chairperson, Ms Baleseng Phillip, has decried lack of developments in their ward.

Speaking in a meeting addressed by the Francistown South MP, Mr Wynter Mmolotsi on May 13, Ms Phillip lamented that although her ward was one the first in the city, it still had no tarred roads and the drainage system was poor.

She lamented that since the roads in the ward were bumpy, taxi operators refused to transport people to their residential areas and instead drop them off far from their destination.

Regarding the poor drainage system, she explained that during the rainy season, yards become flooded because the culverts cannot channel water properly.

Another resident, Mr Stalin Tymon echoed the same sentiments, adding that the drains in the ward were flooding and his efforts to report to Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) were always futile as they never attend to the reports.

Mr Tymon said a lot of water pipes in the area had bursted and water was flowing in most areas, expressing fear that flooding drains and water flowing from burst pipes posed a risk of mosquitoes and waterborne diseases to the residents.

Mr Boaname Kgosietsile complained about the P1 000 fine and the 12 months waiting period imposed on people who lost their passports.

He lamented that the waiting period is a disaantage to some people whose livelihoods are dependent on traveling across the borders.

Mr Kgosietsile lamented that even where there is evidence that the passport was stolen, people still have to wait for 12 months before they can apply for another passport.

Mr Chendzimu Olekantse called on the government to consider increasing the period for the repossession of a plot, considering that there are no jobs for people to earn an income to develop their plots, two years is too little.

Mr Olekantse also called on the Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) to consider making it easier for low income earners to purchase houses.

Ms Kelebogile Rakgabo complained that people who benefited from the poverty eradication programme were denied to enroll in Ipelegeng yet there is no market for their products.

Most of the residents complained that the area councillor, does not consult with them and has never addressed a single kgotla meeting since he was voted into office last year.

In response, Mr Mmolotsi explained that the issue of the culverts can be solved by the implementation of the storm water master plan.

He however said since the plan needs P2 billion to undertake, the city council resolved to do it in phases in the respective wards.

Mr Mmolotsi further said he is not aware that the council has resolved anything regarding Somerset East and the area councillor was better placed to explain.

He said since the issue of the area councillor not working well with the residents was also raised in the Somerset Extension meeting, he will ask the WDC to arrange a meeting with the councillor to inform him of the residents’ concerns.

Mr Mmolotsi said he will arrange a meeting with WUC management and establish why they cannot attend to reported faults.

On the issue of P1 000 and 12 months waiting period for those who lost passports, the MP said he only learnt of the 12 months waiting period from the newspapers and will follow it up.

Inspector Saaka Nsimbi of Botswana Police told the residents that the police are worried about the use of drugs and alcohol.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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