Spelling Bee Improves Students Performance

| May 4, 2015

Spelling Bee Botswana in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) are geared to helping students improve in spelling, pronunciation and sentence construction to complement teacher’s efforts towards improving education.

Principal education officer in the ministry, Mr Lesego Morake acknowledged Spelling Bee’s efforts of engaging the ministry on the initiative of boosting students spelling capability.

He said the students were highly challenged especially with the aent of technological development, such as the use of facebook and SMS where they seemed to take proper spelling for granted. “We have become so used to these technological aancement and we don’t seem to realise it is important to adhere to proper spelling of words,” he said.

Mr Morake stated that in most instances when student write essays they normally use SMS language which at the end contribute to their poor performance as it was not a recognised official academic writing standard.

He said that with Spelling Bee on board students would be able to improve their spelling competence, adding that last year Spelling Bee organised a successful national spelling competition which proved its efficiency.

“I am hopeful that this year, it is going to grow even bigger where we are going to bring more schools to try spelling words the way they should be,” he said.

Mr Morake highlighted that with poor spelling of words, the sentences would become poorly constructed. “The poor morphology leads to poor syntax,” he said.

Briefing the media on the concept, chairperson of Spelling Bee Ms Tshepang Thibedi said it originated from the United States of America and founded in 1925. She stated that the founding of Spelling Bee Botswana was inspired by an American movie called Akeelah and the Bee.

Ms Thibedi said at a spelling competition a student is given a word to spell by the Bee Master, and the students have the right to ask for the definition of a word. Furthermore, she indicated that the competition is not only about spelling but it also exposes students to word usage.

She said ministry has contributed a lot in supporting their initiative to become a success as they are being provided with transport, accommodation and food during spelling competitions around the country.

For his part, Spelling Bee Botswana vice chairperson, Mr Kabo Thakadu said this year they are going to incorporate more junior and senior schools for the spelling competition, which runs in two categories, junior and senior.

He said on May 16, there will be a public spelling bee competition aimed at raising funds for one of the ministry’s officials who is expected to undergo surgery. The official is said to have contributed towards the success of Spelling Bee. However, Mr Thakadu appealed to the private sector to help grow the Spelling Bee Botswana partnership.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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