Stakeholder Participation Key in Education

| May 26, 2015

The role of stakeholders in education has been described as paramount to the attainment of the objective to produce well-rounded products of the country’s education system.

Mr Damian Thapa, a specially elected councillor in the Sowa Township council said at the North East region’s annual excellence awards in Gungwe on Thursday (May 21) that it was only with the concerted efforts of all key stakeholders that quality education will be achieved.

Citing the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) as among the major stakeholders, Cllr Thapa, who was the guest speaker, observed that the ministry’s key role was to develop the country’s education system by providing leadership, guidance, harmony, and adequate resources.

Furthermore, he said the second stakeholder was the parent, whose role was to provide guidance and meet the social welfare needs of the child.

Mr Thapa said in order to properly and fully undertake their role, parents should be part of the school programmes on a daily basis.

He called on those who have abdicated their parental responsibilities to reconsider their decisions for the benefit of not only their children but the society as a whole.

He further indicated that the teacher was also one critical stakeholder whose role is to guide and provide education teachers also served as important role models to children hence they should ensure that they did all in their power to produce well-rounded and morally-upright products.

He said the child or student was similarly an important stakeholder in the success of the education programmes because even if all the necessary programmes and resources could be in place, if the child was unwilling to fully utilize them, nothing good would result.

The politician thus implored all the stakeholders to join hands and ensure that children obtained better results.

MoESD North East Regional Director, Mr Oupa Masesane thanked all the stakeholders for continuously working hard to ensure that the region continued to excel.

He said the North East region had over the past years cemented its position at the top in terms of producing the best results through-out the country at all levels of the education system.

Mr Masesane also commended the district leadership, in particular the North East District Council (NEDC) for taking education issues seriously.

He said the council had taken to heart the introduction of reception classes in primary schools, something he said was evidenced by its swift move to introduce changes necessary to ensure the success of the programme he noted that the region was doing exceptionally well in that area.

Giving a word of encouragement, a member of the Masunga Ministers’ Fraternal Pastor Samson Matshega encouraged the award recipients not to stop at their point of celebration but continue to strive for better results as there was always room for improvement.

Earlier when welcoming guests, the Gungwe Primary School head Mr Innocent Ndwakule explained that the school had consistently produced good results since its first batch of Standard Seven pupils sat for their Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) in 2004.

He said in the 2014 PSLE examinations, the school attained a 100 percent pass rate, beating all primary schools in the country.

Mr Ndwakule said they would continue to work hard to maintain the high standard they had set and further told the gathering that they had formed a cluster named KAGUMBASE, comprising Kalakamati, Gungwe, Mbalambi and Sekakangwe primary schools.

KAGUMBASE schools competed amongst themselves in monthly tests, he said, adding that the trophy they competed for had proven to be a great motivator for for good results.

On other issues, Mr Ndwakule decried the lack of resources such as an office, as well as furniture for the school as a drawback.

The chairperson of the NEDC Education Committee, Mr Smarts Mathonsi stated that when the school was built, an office was not included in the package due to shortage of funds.

Mr Mathonsi, who is also the councilor for Tshesebe ward, said the council would look into all the matters raised and devise strategies of addressing them.

He also commended the parents in Gungwe for partnering with teachers in the education of their children.

The awards ceremony was held to recognize top performers among both teachers and students, and it was held under the theme ‘Stakeholder Participation: A Key Component in the Achievement of Quality Results.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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