Student Leaders Learn Management Skills

| April 20, 2015

Private Tertiary Institutions Association (PTIA) in collaboration with Etuden Medical Aid Scheme hosted a leadership and management workshop to promote leadership and management skills among students.

The workshop was attended by Student Representative Council (SRC) members from different tertiary institutions who are also members of PTIA, and different stakeholders.

Speaking at the workshop held in gaborone, PTIA president, Mr Keorapetse Setlhare, said leadership and management skills were key foundations of any association.

He stated that without leadership and management skills institutions will become unsuccessful hence failing to complete their objective.

Mr Setlhare further aised the attendants to take ledership seriously adding, “leadership is not a position, is an action defined by a vision which is added by the ethic and driven by commitment,” he said.

For his part regarding the issue of leadership, former president for Junior Chambers International- Botswana (JCI) Mr Tumelo Masalila said at JCI they want to develop more leaders who care a lot about their followers not about themselves.

When addressing SRC members Mr Masalila engaged a 360 degree leadership programme for participants to easily understand the meaning of leadership. “We know that one thing that makes 360 degrees is a circle, so we believe that a leader should be well rounded,” he said.

“As a leader, you are in the centre to be able to tell what is happening in all directions, and making sure that all the people are well represented,” he said. He said people following the leader are going to see things differently from the leader, and a leader should always be ready to accept and acknowledge other people’s observation.

He encouraged attendants to always observe good leadership skills from those who have been in leadership positions for a long time, as this can fully equip the potential leaders to always have something to deposit to the people.

Another speaker, former University of Botswana SRC president Mr Chiliboy Rakgari encouraged those in leadership positions to always be humble when addressing issues affecting students.

He said anyone in leadership position who tries to solve a problem by causing chaos before settling the issue at hand, should not be considered a leader. Mr Rakgari stated that good leadership is taking aise from others. Lastly he encouraged those in leadership positions to use the chance given to grow their leadership ability.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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