Students Cause Havoc At Mongala Mall

| April 9, 2015

Mongala Mall center manager, Ms Malebogo Keoneeng has raised concern over the students who loiter around the Kanye mall after school hours and harass business people.

In an interview recently, Ms Keoneeng said she had received reports from business operators ranging from common nuisance, stealing as well as demeaning them. “Students are not allowed in the mall, they don’t have money so what are they looking for”, she said.

A hawker in the mall,Ms Mosarwa Kemotlhope, stated that the students were unmanageable because they came in groups to steal from them, noting that such behaviour was being displayed by both boys and girls.

Ms Kemotlhope said if it were possible, students could be denied entry into the mall as there were many routes which they could take without passing through the mall.

Another hawker Ms Nancy Oabile, stated that the students were difficult to deal with especially those from Seepapitso Senior Secondary School and Forest Hill School.

Ms Oabile said when they try to talk to the students they tell them that they were jealous because their youth days were over. She, however, said they had noticed a difference ever since they raised their complaints with the mall management.

Pep store manager, Ms Virginia Moroka said students of all ages even from primary schools were a menace at the mall. She said they steal such things as sweets, hair products, vests and socks.

A security systems guard who works in the mall, Mr Onkabetse Pusoeng said they were always vigilante when students were around in large numbers, adding that in most cases students use one receipt many times in supermarkets like Spar to steal.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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