Suffocate’s Dream Comes True

| May 28, 2015

It is very essential to enrol and train in a career that you have passion for as that assures hardwork and perseverance, at least at face value level. Such a move is shown by the testimony of Theo Karate who is also known as Suffocate.

Suffocate has always put his dream at the forefront, and does not regret his decision that ushered him into his superstardom, giving him the taste of silver and gold.

After completing his BGCSE, Suffocate studied Paralegal Studies at University of Namibia and at the same time pursued a course in Sound Engineering rest assured that it would aid him in living his dream of being a music producer.

The 24 year old who fell in love with music as a toddler believes he opted wisely when he chose to study sound engineering as he cited that it augmented him to show case his talent and unearth the talents of various artists.

When quizzed about the genesis of his journey to stardom, Suffo said it all began when he was still a boy. At the age of 15 he started professionally under supervision of Tebogo Ipotseng.

As years passed by he grew in the industry, between 2008 and 2010 he was booked in various studios including Bullet music productions and Dargie digital studios.

Young as he was, the Werda budding flower possessed what looked like King Solomon’s wisdom. Suffo was not fascinated by fancy stuff like clothing as it is the case with most young people, but he saved his earnings from the various studios to attain his dream.

Since the young man always dreamt of being in the music industry he used these savings to sponsor his sound engineering course.

In 2010 the 24 year old encountered his breakthrough after relocating to Namibia, where he met Sula Kyababa the Chief Executive Officer of one of Africa’s leading entertainment companies known as Ogopa Butterfly.

According to Suffocate after Kyababa listened to his instrumentals, he was very impressed and did not delay but right away appointed Suffocate as his company’s main producer.

For the three years that Suffo resided in Namibia, it bore him good fruit and brought him into the lime light. He started producing for some of the biggest African artists in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Zambia and Namibia.

His return from Namibia to his home country in 2013 meant a lot to local artists including MMP Family, Dj Fondo Fire, Wizards and Dips trada, which he branded nationally.

Suffo’s productions have been hitting the air waves on various radio stations, both locally and internationally. Twenty song albums of Sufffo’s local production has received high air play and this include song albums such as Celebration by MMP Family,Modisa wame by Vee and Kgabo Mokgatla by Bakgatla Motswana.

Not only were his clients’ music on song rotationally on various radio stations but Suffo has also had the privilege to hit the air waves on Unum Radio where he worked as a music critic with Dj Nsk on the critic show.

Truly every dream song he lays his hands and brains on turns out to become golden, as the celebrated producer has also produced international award winning albums like the nine time nominated album of D Naff known as Unndisputed,Story of my life by Gal level which won best Rnb at the Channel O Awards.

Suffo is also the brains behind Black Sheep’s Exodus album which was nominated the best kwaito album at Namibian Music Awards (NAMAS) and Dipstrada’s album Business man which was also nominated for Best Kwaito at the Botswana Music (BOMU) Awards of 2013.

Kaartze has excelled in this industry such that he has become a music award nominee in his home country and has proven to a lot of international countries that he is a very versatile producer and always brings something new and unique on the table.

The birth of Roc Lefatshe recordings owned by Suffo is a token that the the rising star is reaching higher heights.

According to Suffo Roc Lefatshe offers various services including a wide range of entertainment, marketing and event platforms for all kind of consumers be it budding artists and companies.

Instrumentals, vocal recordings, mixing and mastering, graphic designing, quality sound, photo and video shoots and radio jingles are also offered at Roc Lefatshe recording.

The young and prosperous producer revealed that his business is auspicious and the current performance of Roc Lefatshe convinces him that a bright future lies ahead.

When asked about the recipe he applies to elevate in such a miraculous way, he revealed that faith, total reliance on God and humbleness has greatly contributed in his swift progress.

Roc Lefatshe’s owner explained that the flourishing of his business is brought about by his low and reasonable pricing, maximising their clients’ growth potential by providing quality music and specialised marketing services to expand the clients’ brand.

“In Roc Lefatshe we strive to give each client a unique experience through the entire project in order to maintain corporate culture which reflects our values of high ethical standards, reliability and professionalism that is why Roc Lefatshe is doing well”,Kaartze said.

Suffo takes pride in his career and lives his dream to fullest with all his heart reasoning that it is what puts him food on the table and above all gives him reason to smile.

He added another reason that makes him head over heels about his career is because it gives him a platform to unearth talent of young artists and to nurture their talent ultimately earning a living out of their talent and keeping them away from bad indulgences.

Lastly Suffo aised the youth to utilise their talent, identify their passion and pursue what they wholeheartedly love to do in life, and should avoid studying courses they do not like as this ultimately results poor performance at school or even dropping out which is frustrating and a waste of money used to finance their studies.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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