Teachers Should Commit to Work

| June 11, 2015

Former Ambassador of Botswana to the United States, Ms Tebelelo Seretse, commended teachers for their good judgment in addressing different situations faced by the students.

Ms Seretse said it was that ingenuity and creativity that had led to the celebration of the multi-tasking and independence of the mind that shapes the child.

Giving a keynote address at the Teachers day celebrations for the South East teachers held at Ledumang Senior Secondary School in Gaborone, Ms Seretse said teachers were doing a wonderful job as they have managed to produce professionals such as doctors and lawyers amongst others.

Ms Seretse also quoted from an education specialist at World Bank, Helen Craig, who said, “I dedicate this to the thousands of teachers, who despite low pay, overcrowded classroom , often non- existent, initial teacher training, inadequate in-service development, lack of desks and chair, few and non-existent instructional materials, no libraries and poor sanitary facilities. Today our teachers somehow make it to schools everyday and attempt to teach their children.”

She said the quote appealed to her as it reflected conditions which applied in Botswana and also in the majority of African countries. She added that teachers were role models as they taught, guided, counseled, motivated, multitasked and were set to punish.

“Punishment should be done by teachers, it has to be applied with love, not with hatred, but applied so that the child could be guided, not just because they can be punished,” she commended.

In relation to Botswana, rectifying the United Nations Children’s right, Ms Seretse said, it was decided that corporal punishment shall continue and that she was adamant that it was done correctly.

She said while there were negatives, the positivity was derived when they were recognised by the former students that they taught.

“There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a student succeeding. There is no amount of salary that can be measured for that as it cannot be calculated,” she said.

She urged teachers to encourage parents to participate in contributing to the student’s learning process. However, she commended teacher unions, saying it was upright for them to discuss issues concerning teachers’ welfare with the employer.

For his part, principal education officer, Mr Boy Olekantse said out of 83 medals which were awarded by the minister at the National Teacher’s day commemoration, only three were awarded to the South East teachers, which posed a challenge to the region, particularly that the region was performing well in the final examinations across the board.

Through Moabi Trust Fund, which was formed by the teachers in the South East region, donated P27 000 to Tsholofelo Primary school. The fund is meant to assist the former teachers and needy students.

In Tutume, Goitsemodimo Williams reports that teachers were urged to soldier on despite obstacles they faced in their profession.

They were also encouraged to maintain a balanced life while performing their roles and duties.

Principal Consultant for I-Six Logistics, Mr Pangaman Kaisara said this at Teachers Day celebrations in Tutume recently.

He also said it was crucial for teachers to develop a sense of commitment to the profession, empathy for their students and cordial relations with their colleagues.

Teachers are seen as role models in society, hence the need for teachers to be models of excellence to produce balanced, calm and composed students for socio-economic development of the society.

He further asserted the charisma of a teacher’s personality encourages students to reshape themselves into better citizens.

Nowadays, he stated government talks of the quality of education as a major aspect which fulfils individuals, social, national and international needs.

In addition, he said globalisation presents tremendous challenges and at the same time brings more opportunities for people to re-think about the teachers’ effectiveness in terms of their needs and what they teach.

He noted that it was important to work towards reforming the education system in the country in order to prepare students to compete globally.

Mr Kaisara said if teachers do not have the inner satisfaction and do not enjoy the profession they would never be able to make lasting impressions in their students minds.

The celebrations were held under the theme “Teacher: change agent for global competitive human resource and economic diversification.”

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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