Teamwork Vital to Fight Against Crime

| May 20, 2015

Donga community and those in the surrounding areas have been aised to safely keep dangerous objects as they were being used in house break-ins.

Speaking at a one-day crime workshop in Francistown recently, Gerald Estates court president, Kgosi Paul Motshwane appealed to the community to also mark their goods and assets for easy identification in case of theft.

Kgosi Motshwane encouraged the attendants to go an extra mile in the fight against violent and intrusive crime in their respective areas. He said there were two categories in the war against crime being, the community and police. However, he urged them to collaborate and work as a team.

Kgosi Motshwane further encouraged the community to engage in neighbourhood watch initiatives as they assist the community in crime fighting. He appealed to the business people and the community at large to install CCTVs and reputable security companies in their premises to protect them against theft.

Kgosi Motshwane also urged people not to expose their house hold items, adding that this makes them attractive to thieves.

Furthermore, he implored the community not to walk about on narrow paths at night carrying their IPod’s, cell phones and laptops because thieves need them for quick cash. He urged people to think before they act and avoid going to ATMs machine during the night without escorts.

For her part, former Tati Town customary court president, Ms Ludo Mosojane acknowledged community participation in the fight against violent and intrusive crime. Kgosi Mosojane also urged crime prevention committees to conduct themselves in a good way all the time, and to be vigilant.

Francistown Police Station Crime Prevention Committee chairperson, Mr Golwelwang Mogomela said the objective of the workshop was to share knowledge on cluster policing and how it could be improved.

He said another objective was to encourage the youth to also join and combat crime in their communities. Officer Commanding District No. 15, Senior Superintendent, Kobedi Dintwe revealed that statistics show that crime was worrisome.

He urged the team to work together and surpass their target of reducing crime, adding that this year’s target was tough because they have vowed not to record any death in the district due to crime.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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