Technicalities Influence Man of Match Selection

| April 15, 2015

There has been debate among football supporters about the criteria used to select man-of-the-match during be Mobile Premier League televised matches.

Some supporters felt that the panel that chose a winner was full of favouritism and usually gave non-deserving players the award.

However, while the Botswana CAF accredited education officer, Philemon Makhwengwe, who is part of the panel, said he appreciated concerns of the spectators. He explained that the panel looked at various factors before settling for the winner.

He said what the supporters saw as the influential player might be a player who was good only when in possession of the ball, but might not have helped much when the team lost possession.

He said the panel which comprise Dragojlo Stanojlovic, Innocent Morapedi and Nelson Olebile looked at the technical aspect, being how an individual player dealt with the ball in whichever manner it came to him, how he released it to a team-mate and how his passes benefitted his team.

Makhwengwe said then they looked at the tactical aspect, which was how the player combined with teammates to deceive and outwit the opponents. He said another area that the panel looked at was the issue of conditioning aspects, which were the physiological and psychological.

Physiological aspect, Makhwengwe said, was the fitness of the player, and it included the players carrying his body around the field without showing any signs of fatigue. He said the player must also be workaholic and also showed a big heart when chips were down.

As for the psychological aspect, he said the player must display the mental strength, and show positive options and make good decisions with the ball. Talking about the spectators expectations, he said not in all the games that the spectators are far from the right players.

“In the past three games they (spectators) had the players we had but were edged by the panel’s choice on technicalities,” he said. According to Makhwengwe, at high level of performance such as Premier League, players who perform key tasks are the ones who raise above ordinary observers expectations.

“The best in this scenario are those who do not even look at the ball while dribbling and will always make choices to pass the ball to an attacker in front of the opposing goals than to a free winger who is off target,” he said.

He said the supporters may enjoy the ‘circus classy pass’ which does not result in anything positive for the team, while the panel is not concerned with that. Giving an example of an incident in the recent game between ECCO City Greens and Township Rollers at the National Stadium, he said Manqoba Ngwenya whom the spectators had hoped would win the Man-of-the-Match award got tired and could even be seen sprawled on the turf.

He said players who mark, tussle and or intercept the balls stand a better chance than those who are spoon fed. “However, our decisions would remain questionable for some time, as long as we are doing the field observations without the assistance of the scientific devices, and reality is we are trained on different fields as people but this one happens to be my area of specialty,” he said.

Responding to allegations that the panel does not consider foreign players, he said foreigners are very much eligible as Benson Shilongo, Elvis Meleka and Lawrence Majawa have won it.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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