Traditional Dance Engages Youth

| April 14, 2015

Some young women in Tsokatshaa have resorted to traditional dance so as to keep away from unbecoming behavior.

The group leader, Goabilwemang Peiso, said their group Chwaakatshaa, started in 2013 with only a few members and later, some youth showed interest.

Today the group has 20 active members and Peiso said lack of entertainment and employment opportunities are some of the issues that propelled them to start up the group.

“A lot of us have been idling around, ending up involved in unbecoming behavior such as heavy drinking, and at the same time there are no employment opportunities that we can be engaged in. As such we formed the group so as to deal with such challenges,” she said.

Peiso said to keep the group g and intact, unity and cooperation are some of the things they emphasize. The group leader indicated that they compose own songs and some elders in the village have also shown interest to mentor them, especially on ‘Tsutsube’ dance.

“We compose our own songs in different languages and we hold practices every evening. As such, there is no room for idleness. Every time when in practice, some elders come over to keep an eye, give aice where possible and help us with Tsutsube dance tactics,” she said.

Furthermore, she noted that the group has not gone unnoticed because they have participated in the constituency arts competition, noting that they started off at the ward level in Gweta and scooped position one with a cash prize of P3 000.

She said they then proceeded for the constituency level at Dzoroga and the nationals at Nata and in all the levels they got position one with cash prize of P3 000 and P5 000 respectively.

“We have been doing well at all the levels and these competitions have given us the opportunity to learn more and interact with other youth from different areas,” she said. Peiso said they have used some of the cash prize money to buy proper uniform for the group, shared some equally as a reward and the remaining balance has been saved for other activities of the group.

For his part, the Village Development Committee (VDC) chairperson Johannes Gabalekane expressed gratitude with what the group is doing.

“We are faced with a challenge of youth who indulge in bad practices, but it is quiet impressing to see others gaining some sense and coming up with strategies and activities that helps them refrain from bad practices,” he said.

Gabalekane said the group has important role as it provides entertainment during social gatherings.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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