Tshwaane Primary Celebrates Excellence

| May 25, 2015

Member of Parliament for Takatokwane constituency, Mr Ngaka Ngaka has hailed Tshwaane Primary School for its outstanding performance in the last Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

Giving a keynote address at the school’s victory party, Mr Ngaka said the victory is made even more notable by the fact that the school is located in a settlement where basic necessities such as electricity and libraries are not available. He therefore said that this should be an inspiration to other settlement schools.

“They have shown us that lack of such necessities is not an excuse for failure, and that students from settlements are as equally intelligent as any other. They have also showed us that good performance is a matter of determination above all other things,” he said.

Mr Ngaka aised the students that the good performance in the PSLE is just the beginning of their long educational journey, and also aised them to couple the good performance with botho and responsibility, as lack of such is likely to invalidate the good start.

He also praised the primary school staff for the good work despite challenges such as lack of accommodation, and said it is vital that students are given proper education at primary school stage as it is the foundation level.

Mr Ngaka also aised the school that the good results should not lull them into complacency, and that they should instead assess themselves and strive for even better results next year. He aised the organisers that next time they should invite a successful person from a settlement to inspire the students.

For his part, the headteacher, Mr Malaki Mello informed the gathering that despite the good performance, the school is not without challenges, citing among others lack of a library and accommodation for teachers as well as classrooms for the introduction of the pre-school programme.

He also appealed for good Samaritans to adopt their school as this will help improve its performance even more.

Giving a background to the school’s performance, Mr Mello said in 2010 they attained 76 per cent, then dropped to 61 per cent the following year. He said in 2012 the results were even much lower at 50 per cent, then improved to 68 per cent the following year before hitting 89.5 per cent.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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