Tumza Releases Tanki Ya Motswana

| May 6, 2015

Tumza, the lead singer, renowned dancer and songwriter has released a Kwasa Kwasa album titled Tanki ya Motswana.

Tumza, whose real name is Tumelo Modise and hails from Mmadinare, said he was inspired by the likes of Kanda Bongo Man who is one of the best Kwasa kwasa stars from DR Congo, the late Tongai Moyo and Alec Macheso and has been fortunate to share a stage with them.

The album Tanki ya Motswana is handsomely rich with the essence, the taste and the fascinating beats of kwasa kwasa flavour, mastered by Kudzi and Kunda and a product of KK Music production.

In the album, the 32-year-old lad, who formerly danced for Jeff Matheatau updates his fans with modern pop touches and seamlessly incorporates appropriate international elements into his sound. This is his 3rd album which has been produced by the group.

The hit song, which has gained much affection from his fans, “Kgaola Mpeechane” is a wonderfully fun flowing, fast and rhythmic tune, which can appeas to those who want to shake it up.

“This track is the one that had made it possible for my album to sell. It is for Kwasa Kwasa fun dancers and makes them wanna shake their body all the way,” said Tumza.

Track one, “Kuka Ntsu” is said to be just a perfect package for Kwasa Kwasa music lovers while track four, “Tlhako di Mogote” is dedicated to the Zambian friend who generously taught him the Kwasa Kwasa dancing skills.

Track 5, “Sika la Baloi”, is dedicated to all who criticise and never appreciate other people’s effort and lastly, with the growing concerns of the recent xenophobia, track 6, points a stern intolerance to racism and prompts all to unite and accommodate other races.

The end effect of this great piece of work is a natural musical antidepressant.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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