Tyre Service Business Sustains Youth

| April 17, 2015

Mr Taelo Kombani (34) is of the view that it takes hard work, strategic goals, focus and creativity to start up a business that will bring in satisfactory results.

Speaking in an interview recently, Mr Kombani admitted that starting a business from scratch was not a walk in the park, however he noted that one should remain focused and come up with innovative strategies.

“Some people, especially the youth venture into the business world without any goals, self-motivation and good planning,” he noted. He said as such, their business fail to prosper and at the same time they never make any efforts to address the challenges they encounter.

Following his resignation from the Botswana Defence Force (BDF), where he served on the rank of a private for seven years, Mr Kombani said he never looked back and went straight to his home village of Tutume to try his luck as an entrepreneur.

With the academic skills he acquired from Tyres Auto Training in Gaborone and the basics he learnt from his father who is a mechanic, he was convinced that his business idea as a tyre service provider was not far-fetched.

Unlike other youth who struggle with resources such as land and capital to start up their businesses, Mr Kombani is a different story. He leased a business plot from his father and all he had to do was to construct the required set up of a tyre service business.

With his retirement package, he managed to buy some of the required machinery such as computerized wheel alignment, wheel balancer, tyre changer, compressor and other necessities.

“Although I had the basics, land and capital, it was not that easy and my retirement package was not enough to cover up all the requirements. At one point I even had to stay for some months and work as a taxi man raising funds so as to get other necessities,” he said.

Mr Kombani said as tough as it was, he never gave up but kept struggling because he had a goal to achieve.The business, which started operating early last 2014, has proven to be doing well as it has reached its target goals of job creation and satisfactory profit making.

“The business is doing well and so far I have created employment opportunities for five Batswana who specialize on different tasks and the business is the first of its kind in the village, as such the profit margins are pleasing.” He said happily.

His customers are individuals and other private owned companies within the village, and is yet to try his luck with government departments.

Mr Kombani revealed that his business offers services such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre puncture repair, tyres and tube sales as well as suspension.

The sole owner of the business said he does not regret quitting his army job because he is now in charge of his FINANCES and he is also playing a role towards economic diversification.

He aised other youth that earning a living does not necessarily mean to be engaged in a white collar JOB WORKING for a certain organisation.

The young entrepreneur urged them not to be choosy but should consider handy jobs as well because there are plenty of opportunities with such jobs.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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