UDC Launches Sedumedi

| May 26, 2015

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) launched their council candidate for Bokone ward bye election in Mochudi West constituency slated for May 30.

Launching the council candidate Ms Boitumelo Sedumedi on Sunday, May 24 in Mochudi, UDC leader and also Member of Parliament Gaborone Bonnington North Mr Duma Boko said members should make sure they vote and retain the seat they won in October 2014.

He said he was very sure that Ms Sedumedi is the right candidate who will not disappoint the representation of the party and understand very well the challenges that Botswana is going through.

Mr Boko said the challenges that the country is going through needs a fresh mind that can ascertain the future and bring fresh ideas to help residents of Bokone and Batswana at large move forward.

UDC leader informed voters that they are blessed to have Ms Sedumedi because she stands for their rights and the rights of workers.

He said Ms Sedumedi is the rightful candidate as she understands the challenges that workers in Botswana are going through as she has been a worker and unionist before.

Mr Boko said he vouched for her because he knows that she stands for the truth and honesty adding that she is a responsible leader who will represent Bokone ward very well at Kgatleng District Council.

He said they need new leaders who can help Batswana move forward because the ruling party has failed Batswana.

The UDC deputy leader Mr Ndaba Gaolathe who is also Member of Parliament for Gaborone Bonnington South encouraged voters to vote for UDC because the time has come for Batswana to experience something new.

He said no one can deny that the times are changing and a new party which stands for change has to be ushered in to take Batswana to a better future.

Mr Gaolathe further said Ms Sedumedi understands that the times have changed and something has to be done for change to manifest itself.

The UDC deputy leader said the council candidate knows and understands the times they are in and that is why people have to vote for her in large numbers.

In her acceptance speech, the council candidate Ms Boitumelo Sedumedi told voters that they will not be disappointed in her because she stands to bring development and services to them.

She further said she will work together with other councilors to continue what they have already started. Ms Sedumedi said she takes the duty and responsibility to represent UDC and Batswana at large.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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