Unions Should Speak With One Voice – Rantuana

| May 5, 2015

Botswana Federation of Public Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU) has been challenged to unite the country’s workforce.

Ramotswa MP, Mr Samuel Rantuana, made the call on Friday (May 1) when addressing workers during the commemoration of the workers day in Ramotswa.

He said the onus rested with BOFEPUSU to forge a working relationship with other unions and non-governmental organisations. Mr Rantuana said the move would help the country’s trade union sector to speak with one voice and to protect the rights of the working class.

Furthermore, he said if the work force was united, any government in power would be bound to listen to their grievances and address them. The Ramotswa MP said BOFEPUSU alone could not address the workers cry, adding that a solid work force would also compel the country’s political parties to unite for the good of the country.

Also, he added that a united workforce would aocate for the rights of its members across all the country’s economic sectors. “Why do you sell your labour cheaply, if you sell your labour cheaply you have no dignity,” Mr Rantuana added.

Another speaker, the chairperson of BOFEPUSU in the district, Mr Olson Mantle said it was important for the five unions in the federation to stay united. He said if any of the participating unions could withdraw their membership from the federation that would be a huge blow to the worker’s struggle.

Further, Mr Mantle decried low attendance by members and regretted that some members choose not to participate in the May Day commemorations. However, he encouraged those in attendance not to be discouraged by the unsatisfactory attendance.

He added that the federation has hundreds of members in the district and many members only see the value of unions when they have work related grievances. Mr Mantle noted that it was the responsibility of those in attendance to ensure that other members see the significance of the day.

Another speaker, Mr Onkemetse Mokone from BOPEU said time has come for the federation to work with Botswana Federations of Teachers Union, churches and other non-governmental organisations. He said the strength of the country’s work force depends entirely on united trade unions as well as non-governmental organisations.

Further, Mr Mokone encouraged members to form cooperative societies as well as small enterprises to boost their incomes. The May Day celebrations were held under the theme, striving for the dignity and worth of the working class in Botswana.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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