Unutilised Agricultural Land Worries Ministry

| May 26, 2015

The Ministry of Agriculture is concerned about the unutilised hectares of land allocated for agricultural purposes.

Addressing residents at the sixth letsema ceremony in Maun recently, Minister Patrick Ralotsia said the country continued to produce low agricultural yields due to underutilisation of agricultural land.

He said his ministry needed contributions from stakeholders before it took a decision on the issue of idle agricultural land. The minister said the few hectares of agricultural land in use was also underutilised, adding that putting agricultural land to good use would help the country to be self-sufficient.

“I want to challenge you with the submission that we have enough agricultural land available to feed Botswana, what we need to do is organise ourselves better and put our land resources to good use,” said the minister.

Mr Ralotsia also urged farmers to be in tune with the effects of climatic change, noting that the agricultural sector was prone to challenges which resulted from climatic changes. He also noted that most agricultural activities were reliant on weather conditions.

He said the continuous poor rainfall experienced in the past planting seasons was the consequence of climatic change which affected both arable and pastoral farmers.

The minister also urged farmers to change their mindset and to view agriculture as a business opportunity.

Furthermore, he encouraged farmers to develop the small stock sector, saying it has the potential and that the demand for small stock was high.

The minister said the government was committed to developing and facilitating the development of the sub sector with schemes such as LIMID and ISPAAD.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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