Vacant Posts Worry Kgalagadi Councillors

| April 14, 2015

Vacant posts pose a serious challenge in the Kgalagadi District, said Kgalagadi District chairperson, Mr Justice Nkwane during the full council session recently in Tsabong.

He said the district was lagging behind in terms of developments because some civil servants were not willing to work in the district, which ultimately resulted in poor service delivery.

The chairperson pointed out that as such project implementation still remainedone of the major challenges facing the district.

He revealed that the vacancy rate for council stood at 7 per cent as opposed to the dictated 2 per cent, adding that central government is also hard hit, giving an example that currently there are only five doctors in the District instead of thirteen.

Mr Nkwane said despite these challenges, the District has made some strides such as the Khawa Facelift project which has used up a total budget of P5 million to construct 30 houses cumulatively since it started in 201314 financial year.

For their part Councillors also expressed concern and suggested that since they have been talking about the issue of transfers that are normally done without replacements, they must now assemble a delegation which will go and discuss the issue with relevant Ministers.

They said that though the government avails money most projects are under-utilized because of lack of coordinators, adding that it is not surprising that most projects collapse because there is minimal or no supervision at all.

On other issues the Chairperson said the District was allocated funds of over a P4 million and 94 per cent of that money has been spent.

He said District wide there are 590 operational projects with 21 success stories, challenging Councilors to encourage RADS communities to take aantage of economic empowerment programs to enhance their livelihoods.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

Category: Governance

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