VDCs Critical to Development

| May 27, 2015

The village development committees (VDCs) are critical partners in development.

The Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ms Botlogile Tshireletso, told a recent kgotla meeting in Mochudi that VDCs played a critical role in coordinating events and assisting public officers do their job.

Assistant Minister Tshireletso further said VDCs worked closely and in collaboration with councils to help them deliver social services to Batswana.

She encouraged all village development committees to have strategic and annual plans so that they would be able to deliver as per their schedule and also mobilise the community to identify projects.

The assistant minister further said VDCs would now serve a term of three years after numerous consultations with Batswana after which they could be re-elected again. She said the new regulations of 2014 that was included in the Local Government Act (Act No. 18 of 2012) now give them the power to sue and to be sued.

Ms Tshireletso said 10 member committee should represent the community in development matters and act as a reference point in matters pertaining to community development.

She further said for the person to qualify to be a member of the committee should be able to read and write Setswana or English. Earlier on, when giving a report on the status of VDC in Mochudi, VDC Umbrella chairperson Mr Morris Moriri said he was happy because all VDCs in Mochudi work as a team.

He decried lack of a bridge at Phalane and asked the assistant minister to assist them complete it because they had a dream of having it completed.

Mr Moriri further added that they do not have a Kgotla shelter as they are still using tents to accommodate visitors and also requested Ms Tshireletso to come to their rescue.

Nevertheless, the umbrella chairperson said they are still faced with challenges as members of village development committees because despite the good job they undertake in their communities, their wages are still very low compared to Ipelegeng employees whom they are required to supervise.

“We are asking government to consider reviewing VDC’s remuneration and allowances so that they can do their work perfectly”.

Mr Moriri further said members have to be empowered so that they can do their work diligently especially for those who are newly elected into office adding that he welcomes the three year term as they will give them time to achieve their plans.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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