Vehicle Repair Linked to Vocational Training [press release]

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The Minister of Transport and Communications, the Honourable Nonofo Molefhi said his ministry entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development to involve technical colleges in the repair and maintenance of government vehicles. This resulted in 103 vehicles being fixed during the 201314 financial year, wh…ich benefited 69 students.

The Minister said that the MoU allowed Central Transport (CTO) and the Department of Technical and Vocational Education Training (DTVET) to work together as part of learning and enhancing the skills of the students.

He said in the arrangement CTO diagnoses the faults on the vehicle and stipulates work to be carried out and releases the vehicle together with spare parts to be used during the training and repair by DTVET institutions.

Minister Molefhi said some of the institutions that have been engaged are Okavango, Gweta, Ngethu, Madiba, Ghanzi brigades and Maun Technical College whilst others were still preparing to start this financial year.

Shoshong MP, the Honourable Phillip Makgalemele had asked the minister to state progress made in the rollout of a programme that involves students fixing government vehicles as part of their training and the number of vehicles fixed in 201314 and projections for the 201415 financial year. (BOPA)

Source : Government of Botswana

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