Vision 2016 Achievable

| April 20, 2015

An expert from Malaysia, Datuk Chris Tan says Batswana should not despair over the possibility of achieving the long term Vision 2016.

Speaking at a Western Region Vision 2016 validation workshop in Maun recently, the expert, who is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Performance and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), noted that success depended on the behavior of the leadership.

He pointed out that Malaysia like Botswana failed to achieve its long term vision for about 20 years, as the country was stuck in the middle income category with no desired results.

However, he said the leadership did not give up, but came up with strategies and specific targets which made it possible to achieve progress between 2009 and 2014.

Tan said Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has increased by 50 per cent, with 1.8 million jobs created in the country in that four year period. He said Botswana should identify the areas that need to be changed and specific targets to be achieved in the remaining 12 months.

Tan said some of the reasons for failure to achieve the vision are, lack of clarity, high level plans not understood by the implementers such as public service, lack of confidence to move forward and lack of accountability.

Transformation, he noted, required critical changes in the way the organization execute things as well as the character of the people.

Tan further said the vision will be achievable if the people owned it, adding that change should be driven by the people from the bottom while leadership is the facilitator only.

He also aised against debates at the initial stages if the long term vision was to be attained, noting that they should get the journey started first and once moving they can adjust and debate.

However, Tan highlighted the importance of working as a team to achieve results. In his remarks, the Maun business community leader Mr Frank Ramsden noted that Vision 2016’s pillar of a Prosperous, Innovative and Productive nation faced challenges.

He noted that although Vision 2016 called for full employment at the national level by 2016, currently the national unemployment rate was 19.9 with 61 per cent of the unemployed being the youth.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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