Volleyball Coach Hopes for Slot in All Africa Games

| May 5, 2015

Senior national men’s volleyball team coach is positive and optimistic that his charges will qualify for All Africa Games slated for Congo Brazzaville, September this year.

In an interview during the final stages of preparations at Serowe College of Education gallery, coach Manuel Torres was upbeat that his tall boys stood a good chance of qualifying and were just waiting for their opponents.

The expected opponents are Southern African nations of Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia.

Though the players, amongst others Pastor Rebabonye of Diphatsa, Tjiyapo Madeluka of Kutlwano and Agisanyang Kurwana of BDF VI had just started their domestic league and hence still rusty, Torres is satisfied with the level of preparations.

“We worked hard on their physique since the round robin tournament is demanding and the boys are responding quite well,” said Torres who added that they also concentrated on perfecting some tactics.

Though expected to trim his 16 men to the official 12, Torres was at pains trying to come to terms with the process saying they have become a solid team with positive behaviour.

However, the coach revealed that he will be selecting the final 12 men on Sunday, a few hours before the expected kick off on Tuesday, May 5.

Like his coach, Captain Shadrack Kapeko sang praises of his teammates saying, “We have a balanced team with quite good players.”

Although, he expressed some veiled dissatisfaction with the time they spent in camp, Kapeko noticed a lot of improvement in the boys and was convinced the team stood a chance against the best of Southern Africa.

The team that boast the young and seasoned campaigners is said to be coping well with the high level intensity training preparing for the likes of Mozambique, who reportedly suave in the game.

Team captain Kapeko is the oldest, born in 1976, and a couple of youngsters were born in the early 90, vindicating Kapeko’s claims of a fairly experienced side with young and experienced players.

Mozambique and South Africa are a challenge to the local boys, according to Kapeko who expressed some relief to the news that the latter may not partake in the qualifiers.

The 16 men in camp consist of five Kutlwano players in Kapeko, Madeluka (setter), Libion Machae (centre blocker), Tiroyaone Otimile (opposite) and Thabang Ramochele (outside).

The two men from Diphatsa are Rebabonye (centre blocker) and Igobe Sikuku (oppositeoutside) while three men were selected from BDF VI being Kurwana (outside attacker), Moemedi Siphambe (center blocker), Patrick Tlale (libero) and Kabo Moetse (opposite).

From Police VI are Happy Ribbin (center blocker), Alec Engleton (outside attacker), Uponi Gabobewe (libero), Ephraim Kuteeue (libero). From Spiking Stars are Bokao Nagafela (outside attacker) and Phenyo Thebeng (setter) and finally Topo Mokgopo of Prisons VI (setter).

The technical team is made up of Torres (head coach), first assistant coach, Leabaneng George and second assistant coach Kealeboga Mmekwane while Bapoga Nshakazogwe is the manager. Nshakazogwe has hailed Serowe Education Centre accommodation saying it was the best they could get.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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