Waste Management Challenge for SEDC

| May 29, 2015

Waste management is still a challenge to the South East District Council (SEDC) due to breakdown of the landfill incinerator.

The council chairman, Mr Phenyo Segokgo, said, on May 25, when opening the full council’s session that the incinerator broke down in September 2014. He said plans to repair the machine had been thwarted by non-compliance of the requirements by bidders.

“The quotation for its repair was submitted three times to adjudication committee but has been rejected due to noncompliance of requirements by bidders,” he added. As a short term solution, clinical waste was disposed at Otse Police College, Southern District council, Lobatse Town council and Jwaneng Town Council incinerators.

Nonetheless, Mr Segokgo said the exercise has proved to be expensive due to transport costs associated with it. In addition, he said other councils are no longer willing to help citing the reasons that their facilities are overwhelmed by the workload.

“Currently, we have accumulated decomposing clinical waste in our receiving rooms waiting for incineration and this is a health hazard especially to clinical waste attendants and external customers,” he added. He said efforts to re-tender to maintain the incinerator is underway to address the situation.

On other issues, Councillor Segokgo said the tender for the construction of the Tlokweng bus taxi rank shopping complex through public private partnership had not been approved by the adjudicating committee.

He said the tender was rejected due to non-compliance of the statement of requirements by bidders. He noted that the council is in the process of re-aertising the tender and added that the council is profiling open spaces in the district to determine how they can be used.

In addition, Mr Segokgo said his office has been tasked with establishing the South East District chairman’s fund which will be assisting the underprivileged in the society as well as with other developments programmes.He said all the necessary processes are underway to complete the establishment of the fund and relevant stakeholders are being engaged.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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