Waste Proves Valuable to Keeditse

| April 16, 2015

Some people are of the view that waste adds no value to their lives, but this is a different story to Mr Tshepo Keeditse (39).

He can attest that waste can be used to make ends meet and has resorted to using old car tyres and pieces of wires to run his business of making dust bins, flower pots and feeding troughs.

In an interview recently, Mr Keeditse said he decided to use what many regard as waste after he saw people in Francistown making flower pots using old tyres and decided to also try it.

After making the flower pots, he went around the village selling them and many people loved them and asked him to produce more.

That is when he decided to start a business of making flower pots and also introduced dust bins and feeding troughs. Mr Keeditse explained that to make a dust bin, he uses two tyres, which he connects using gauge wires, then uses a converter belt as the base of the bin.

The bin, made in just one day, is then painted and can be supported with two poles to form a pillar or just used without the pillar. He said he gets all the materials he needs from garages in the village and only buys paints, which he uses to decorate the dust bins and flower pots.

The dust bins are sold for P450, flower pots P70 while the troughs cost P120 each. Mr Keeditse said that he gets many orders from customers as they have seen that his products are of good quality and last long.

He said he participated in many Department of Youth and Culture competitions under the environmental conservation category making it to the finals where he got position two and received prizes since 2009.

The man also managed to attend youth leadership training, life planning skills workshop conducted by Health Promotion and Education Division and peer education workshops where he acquired the skills of addressing his peers about being entrepreneurs.

Mr Keeditse said that he experiences challenges in his business as some people want to negotiate prices when they buy. He said that due to delays in acquiring a business plot, he does not qualify to apply for funding and this has delayed the expansion of the business.

Furthermore, he urged others to take aantage of different funding schemes to start their own businesses and improve their lives, noting that nowadays it is hard to find a job.

He said that it is high time people started recycling different materials to make useful products and by so doing keeping the environment clean.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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