When Development and Dust Twin

| May 26, 2015

Even though government is pushing infrastructural developments in some villages and towns, the process often attracts some unforeseen negativity during roll-out phases.

In Letlhakeng for instance, internal roads are being constructed and though welcome, the move also has its lower downturns. Forty two year-old mother of two, Ms Gaone Moshe says the dust caused by big trucks that pass by her yard is a health hazard to her four month old daughter and her seven months granddaughter.

“These trucks make too much dust that my two kids cannot withstand and so they perpetually cough,” Ms Moshe says. She says the contractros of the project never bother themselves about dampening the dust generated by their trucks as they only sprayed water on the two gravel roads earlier when they started construction process.

Of the two gravel roads, one passes behind and the other in front of her home in Shageng ward.

One man Thebepula Lelatlhego is similarly concerned about the dust that engulfs the village at dawn. He says at night he cannot sleep because the trucks load heavy rocks which pollute silence and disturb the tranquillity often experienced at night.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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