Why Rastas Never Die [opinion]

| May 13, 2015

Molapo Piazza was a different scene Sunday (May 10) as Botswana’s Rastafari community converged for what they termed: One love Roots Culture Rastafari Expo 2015.

A banner of Emperor Haile Selassie alongside that of Bob Marley revered as the king of Reggae music, adorned the apron of the stage with the Rastafari colours of Red, Yellow and Green.

Born in Ethiopia in 1892, Emperor Haile Selassie the country’s 225th and last emperor, serving from 1930 but exiled during World War II after leading resistance against Italian invasion.

He was reinstated in 1941 and ruled until Marxist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam ousted him in a 1974 coup. Rastafaris worship him for they revere him as their redeemer and founder of the Rastafari movement.

Despite some poor organisation here and there and a late start, the event was a scene to be hold as members came in their different attires, dreadlocks and headgears. They were of all ages, from two-year olds or even less to the elderly.

Reggae music entertained guests at a nearby restaurant while on display in the piazza’s open space was members’ creativity in the form of oil paintings, wood carvings, clay pots and other traditional artefacts.

Part of the programme also included presentations on the collaborative model between Rastafari community in South Africa and Botswana Rastafari beyong borders, repatriation beyond the pales of Babylon, ideal national components and social psychological foundations of Rastafari.

Teaching also revolved around the use of herbs in Rastafari, Rastafari and the politics of signification, life as a Rastafari woman beyond the millennium, the conscious woman in Rastafari and the community as well as Rastafari law.

Living among a community that cherishes “botho”, the event’s programme also had presentation on Ancient African concepts of “botho” found in Rastafari mostly used “I and I” concept.

Winding down the clock, the programme would conclude with drumming, poetry presentations and some live music and performances but it was cut short due to some technical glitches and power.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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