WUC Develops Term of Reference for Study

| April 14, 2015

Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) has developed the terms of reference for the study aimed at holistically addressing water supply challenges for Maboane, Takatokwane and Dutlwe Cluster.

This was said by the Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Mr Nonofo Molefhi when responding to a question in Parliament,on behalf of minerals, energy and water resources minister, Mr Kitso Mokaila.

The project, Mr Molefhi said, had been proposed for funding under NDP 11, adding that the study would inform the appropriate means of addressing the current water supply challenges.

The minister said he was aware that water pipes from the boreholes at Maboane supplying Maboane, Takatokwane and Dutlwe villages were regularly unblocked of Calcium Carbonate (lime).

However, he explained that the water was acceptable for human consumption, as “the Calcium Carbonate (lime) content in the water supplied to the villages of Maboane, Takatokwane and Dutlwe meets BOB standard, BOSS 32 class 1 requirements.”

“The calcium carbonate affects pipelines by causing scaling that block water mains,” he added.

The MP for Letlhakeng West, Mr Ngaka Ngaka had asked the minister if he was aware that water pipes from the borehole at Maboane to Maboane, Takatokwane and Dutlwe villages were regularly unblocked of Lime (Calcium Carbonate) and if Calcium Carbonate (lime) was healthy for human consumption.

Letlhakeng legislator also wanted to know whether there were any side effects in the human body that could be caused by the substance.

The minister was also to state the major steps that WUC would take to rectify the situation and when was the water treatment plant going to be built to remove calcium carbonate from the water used for human consumption in the three villages.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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