YDF Monitoring Remains Challenge

| June 5, 2015

Permanent secretary in The Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture ( MYSC), Mr Louis Malikongwa, says measurement and monitoring of Youth Development Fund (YDF) process is a challenge due to lack of a comprehensive framework.

Presenting before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on June 3, Mr Malikongwa said monitoring the progress of the YDF had been a challenge due to absence of the MYSC staff in some areas.

Nevertheless, he stated that with the restructuring exercise since April 2014, where youth officers were deployed at different areas across the country, the ministry would see growth in the program.

Mr Malikongwa said during the last financial year the YDF was allocated P120 million, of which P100 million was spent from November to February by the staff on the ground. The PS said the YDF process is still been done manually, hence the dire need to improve it because it involves loans and grants.

He further said the ministry is in the process of carrying out a tracer study to see how much is being owed as at the moment they do not have figures of funds owed.

Mr Malikongwa indicated that the ministry has outstanding balances to be collected because some youth projects were not making profit due to the market saturation.

The PAC committee asked the PS if the ministry would consider employment tax incentive in private sector which could help curb the exploitation of graduates through the internship program.

The MP’s also said since it is evident that youth projects struggle, the ministry should consider reforms that will allow youth to form consortiums and compete as bigger entrepreneurs.

The committee told the PS that running a project like YDF that lacks frameworks and an accounting system will lead the nation in chaos because it is very risky.

Responding on the means used to measure the effectiveness and setbacks of the ministry, he said there is no program in place but they use the numbers or level of participation and sometimes data from National Statistics office.

He said in sport they set target of medals to be attained in international competitions and also depend on international rankings to measure athletes and different codes.

Reacting to why the constituency tournament has been transferred from the constituency offices to MYSC, he said now that the ministry posted officers in different areas they have capacity and resources to run the program.


Source : Botswana Daily News

Category: Human Rights

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