Young Man Finds Niche in Jewellery Making

| April 14, 2015

When his peers opted for the white collar jobs and other trades, he decided to pursue his passion for jewellery making.

The 30-year-old, Mr Ronald Maloisane from Makokwe in Borolong grew up in the mining town of Jwaneng. He could not resist the calling when the course was introduced in 2006 at Orbit College in Rustenburg.

“When I heard the course was being introduced, I rushed to the staffroom to change my course from Electrical Engineering to Jewellery Manufacturing and Design in Mass Production,” he said.

While still a student in South Africa, Mr Maloisane said he penetrated the jewellery market, as part of their learning syllabus. He said he found the course more interesting as it opened up his creativity because of its uniqueness.

Mr Maloisane registered Natureal Jewellery Design Pty (Ltd) with his friend, Mr Agisanyang Kolagano in 2012, which deals with manufacturing and design of rings, resizing, repair as well as stone setting in weeding rings.

“I also do corporate gifts, ornaments, watch repair and also buy second hand gold,” he said, adding that he also uses sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, platinum and palladium which he orders from Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) Platinum Incubator, a non-governmental organisation funded by Anglo Platinum Mine in South Africa.

Mr Maloisane said he started his business on the streets with no office, but his passion for jewellery making drove him to look for a sponsor.

He said that rent in Jwaneng was too high and it contributed to the collapse of some youth business projects. The Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture through the Youth Development Fund program, funded him to the tune P100 000 in 2013, to start the business, he said.

He is currently enjoying free trading space in the Public library and lauds the Department of Youth, Sports and Culture for the good gesture. Though, he is happy with the performance of his business he is still not satisfied with the way some clients undermine local products, yet he does not compromise quality.

He said challenges are part of his journey which includes competing with big dealers and trading space, as the one he is offered is not in the market place.

Mr Maloisane cited expensive materials as some of the challenges, which he imports from South Africa. He lauded the government for a positive move of funding youth businesses and encouraged the youth to take aantage of available funds to improve their lives.

He also implored the youth to adopt the culture of entrepreneurship and seek business mentoring from well-established entrepreneurs. Mr Maloisane is eyeing to open a Vocational School to train aspiring and up-coming jewellery designers as part of skill sharing plan.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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