Youth Behaviour Worries Kgosi

| April 16, 2015

Kgosi Simon Nkageng of Tati Siding in the North East District has expressed worry over the bad behaviour portrayed by some youth.

Speaking in an interview recently, Kgosi Nkgageng said the indulgence of youth in alcohol and drug abuse contributed to ttheir bad behaviour, resulting in lack of respect towards elders.

Kgosi Nkgageng said parents were now afraid to punish their children when they do wrong because they were protected by the law regarding their rights. He called for the empowerment of parents to enable them punish their children regardless of gender.

He also aised parents to mould their children into responsible citizens and educate them on issues such as HIVAIDS, crime, drug abuse and other related issues threatening the future of the youth.

Kgosi Nkgageng also implored parents to be role models and do the right things in the presence of their children. All stakeholders, dikgosi, parents, government and the community should join hands towards disseminating messages and aising youth on good behaviour.

Meanwhile, Kgosi Nkgageng said though government was seriously committed to the development of the youth through building youth centres, it was important for each village to have such a centre.

He said building more centres would be a positive solution in addressing youth problems since this would provide a platform for discussions on issues affecting the youth.

Kgosi Nkgageng called upon the youth to change their attitude and behavior and turn to the Almighty God.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

Category: Human Rights

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