Youth Centre Up for Renovation

| May 13, 2015

National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) board of trustees is setting up a roadmap to improve Lady Olebile Masire Youth Centre to reach out to other districts and to become a priority centre for youth development and empowerment.

Speaking during a press briefing held at Lady Olebile Masire Youth Centre, (NYDT) board of trustee vice chairperson Mr Thabo Majola said they want to develop the centre into a state of the art model and roll it to other districts.

He said these developments would be monitored by the development committee. “We would like to develop this centre, where we have got a multipurpose hall, football pitches, and various sporting activities in a manner that is sustainable where it generates income,” he said.

He further said they want to make a centre that will be able to attract children from Gaborone West and broader Gaborone and Botswana.

Mr Majola said this was a big task and he was optimistic that the board of trustees along with different stakeholders will be able to achieve the objective.

He also said the developments that will be instilled in the centre will be used as a template to all centres all over the country.

The project involves life survival skills development, arts and culture, sports recreation and leisure as well as information, communication and technology (ICT).

The press briefing was also meant to discuss the justification for opening the Boys and Girls clubs Botswana which will be managed and coordinated by National Youth Centre.

Mr Majola said Boys and Girls Club originates from USA.

He stated they had an opportunity of benchmarking in terms of how the club runs in South Africa which brought the idea of replicating the model here in Botswana.

He also stated that they have also made contacts with the USA, where another benchmarking is set to take place to see how the club runs in the USA.

Mr Majola stated that the club has three components which are power hour, nutrition, and responsible citizenry.

With the power hour component he said children and youth have to concentrate on their school work stating that they are given one straight hour to focus primarily on what they have learned at school.

He said nutrition component goes hand in hand with the power hour component highlighting that children need to be well nourished to avoid being disturbed by other variables that could hinder their concentration.

As for responsible citizenry component he said the members will be involved in community service initiatives at a younger age, hence building their characters positively to have a sense of belonging to a flourishing nation.

Mr Majola said when this initiative is effectively and efficiently implemented results will be experienced by all, especially the government as it will have reduced dependency on it by the nation regarding improvement of the livelihoods of its people.

“Children and youth will be spending their time productively, and this will positively contribute positively in the reduction of social ills” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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