Zamseed Upbeat About MoU With Bamb

| June 9, 2015

Zambia Seed Company Limited (ZamSeed) stands to reap significantly from its partnership with the Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board (BAMB).

Speaking at a workshop organised by ZamSeed for Agricultural Field Officers recently, the company’s board member, Dr Stephen Muliokela, said they would benefit from BAMB’s extensive network. “BAMB has linkages with a lot of stakeholders and we felt we could utilise that and provide farmers with quality seeds to use,” he said.

BAMB has signed a five year long Memorandum of Understanding with ZamSeed to provide the latter’s products to farmers in Botswana. Dr Muliokela indicated that they look to consolidate their working relationship with BAMB by opening shop in Botswana.

“In the next three years or so we are looking to have a ZamSeed subsidiary in Botswana, breeding and supplying farmers with seeds instead of having to transport them from Zambia,” he said.

He indicated that they are also looking to incorporate Batswana into the business, which will provide employment to locals.

“This will be a two way relationship and we are looking forward to having a fruitful venture in Botswana,” he said.

He added that ZamSeed is also visible in Tanzania, Congo, and they will sign an MoU with Namibia by the end of June. Zamseed Regional Sales Manager Mr Enock Mbewe indicated that the company started in 1981 and deals in the production and marketing of high quality seeds.

“We have over 1 200 farms in Zambia that breed a variety of seeds and we have a little over 10 different products of seeds,” he said.

He indicated that their seeds are accredited by international bodies and farmers can expect nothing less than quality seeds. “Some of our seeds include sorghum, groundnuts, maize, sunflower, wheat and other horticultural seeds, which may be indigenous or exotic,” said Mr Mbewe.

For his part, BAMB official Mr Cornelius Mokgoko said the partnership with ZamSeed will enable BAMB to deliver on its mandate. “This is an exciting partnership and people should note that we also have partnerships with other stakeholders,” he said.

He assured ZamSeed that the Ministry of Agriculture is also excited about the partnership, indicating that talks to partner with ZamSeed began last December.

“What is good about ZamSeed is that it will not only provide our farmers with seeds but also looks to set up shop here and breed seeds straight from Botswana,” said Mr Mokgoko. He indicated that BAMB gives all its partners equal opportunities and support.

“Farmers are the ones who decide what they want. We do not impose anything on anyone. All we can do is provide the choice and knowledge on what is available,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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