Zhizha Cultural Festival Coming

| May 27, 2015

The annual Zhizha cultural festival will take place on Saturday, May 30 at Kuminda Farm in Marobela lands.

Zhizha is a Kalanga word for harvest (letlhafula) and the festival is organised to celebrate traditional food from the harvest after the ploughing season.

Though the rains were not good this year, the little produce from the harvest will be utilised to celebrate the cultural festival.

The festival, which has been hosted at Kuminda farm for the past two years has proved to be a hit with revellers as they get to enjoy traditional Kalanga music from groups such as Hosanna dance troupes, Bayei and Basarwa traditional groups and famed Kalanga Jazz master, Ndingo Johwa.

Basarwa and Bayei, the organiser of the festival, Ms Lucy Hinchcliffe said would showcase games on youngsters’ transition from childhood to adulthood.

Also, during this occasion, elders recite poems and explain the traditional way of life and values that make Bakalanga who they are.

Traditional games and food are characteristic features and are always galore. Ms Hinchcliffe explained in an interview that some of the food which is prepared on the day is ploughed within the farm. She also expressed optimism that this year’s cultural festival will be bigger and better as they expect people from all over the Bukalanga area.

Also, she mentioned that they have invited the Botswana Tourism Organisation, departments of tourism, culture and dikgosi from other villages.

As part of the festivities, she highlighted that elders will also have a good time by imbibing in traditional beer which is becoming a rare commodity nowadays with the aent of exported brews. The Zhizha cultural festival, she noted, hopes to stimulate cultural activism by developing a cultural education centre at Kuminda farm where they could host tourists by showing them local dance, music, food, poetry and storytelling.

She said that the objective of the festival was to promote Kalanga food, dance, music and way of life.

Ms Hinchcliffe noted that she was hopeful of a better edition as the festival shows great potential of going into the future.

In addition, she mentioned that the Zhizha cultural festival was very important to Batswana as it allowed the elderly to share and teach culture to young children who are growing up under different circumstances.

However, she decried lack of sponsorship as one of the challenges hampering the growth of the cultural festival. She said she was hopeful that in future she will partner with the Botswana Tourism Organisation and the arts and culture department to grow the event.

Also, once corporates are on-board this would give the Zhizha cultural festival the latitude needed for growth,” she said. Tickets for the festival are sold at The Voice offices in Francistown.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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