144 Benefit in Okavango

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Out of the trained 288 beneficiaries in the Okavango Constituency 144 have been assisted and the remaining 144 are awaiting equipment, Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Phillip Makgalemele, has said.

Responding to a question in parliament from Okavango MP, Mr Bagalatia Arone, Mr Makgalemele said the delays in sourcing equipment had mainly been due to the escalation of prices by local suppliers, especially when dealing with procurement from the Local Authority.

Other delays, he said were due to the limited number of suppliers in the district which had resulted in some equipment being purchased outside the district.

Some suppliers, he said did not supply according to specification which delayed the distribution of equipment (as the equipment need to be exchanged), whilst some suppliers provided part of the equipment which led to delays in the commencement of the projects.

‘In view of these cross cutting issues, my ministry, in collaboration with implementing sectors, is closely working with the districts to ensure that implementation bottlenecks are addressed,” he added.

This work, Mr Makgalemele said started in August 2014 where teams were assigned to different constituencies to develop comprehensive implementation plans.

In the Okavango constituency, he said the number of trained beneficiaries increased from 216 to 288 and the number of operating beneficiaries increased from 27 to 69 since August 2014.

Okavango MP had asked the Assistant Minister for President Affairs and Public Administration to explain what led to the delays to assist beneficiaries of the Poverty Eradication Programme in the Okavango constituency even after they had long completed their training.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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