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Huawei Wins Intersolar AWARD at Intersolar 2019

MUNICH, May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei won the Intersolar Award at Intersolar 2019 for SUN2000 15-20KTL series smart inverter. The award was won by the inverter’s branding new attractions, ultimate safety and better experience. Huawei Residential & Commercial Smart PV Solution introduces the digital turbo technology for the first time, embedded with Huawei’s innovative […]

Human Rights

Cameroon Villagers Arrest Suspected Separatists

YAOUNDE English-speaking Cameroonians, who say they are fed up with an ongoing separatist war, are taking matters into their own hands by arresting and handing over suspected separatist fighters to the military. Some residents also have created milit…