Children Exposed to ‘Unimaginable’ Violence during Conflict, Expert Tells Third Committee as Delegates Call for Accountability, Legal Reforms

Child Dies Every Five Minutes as Result of Abuse, Special Representative Warns

Tens of thousands of children are killed, abused and deprived of their liberty during the many violent conflicts …

Human Rights

Unprecedented Impacts of Climate Change Disproportionately Burdening Developing Countries, Delegate Stresses, as Second Committee Concludes General Debate

Describing climate change as one of the greatest threats facing humanity in their time, delegates urged the international community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve forests, monitor water sources and …


Secretary-General Presents First Annual Budget in Over 45 Years to Fifth Committee, Proposing $2.87 Billion for 2020 with Focus on Strategic Priorities, Reforms

Delegates in the Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) today began discussing the proposed programme budget for 2020 totalling $2.87 billion, which represents no real-term growth from 2019 but reflects the …