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Ad Hoc Committee on Gender Equality briefed on progress regarding filling of vacancies at Commission for Gender Equality (CGE)

The Ad Hoc Committee to identify suitable candidates for the filling of vacancies at the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) met on Tuesday. The committee was briefed and updated on progress made with regard to filling of vacancies at the CGE.

The committee was informed that a total of 88 resumes have been received. All applicants will go through the verification of qualifications and employment screening.

The committee decided to remove two applicants on the list. The committee was of the view that the two candidates do not qualify to reapply as they have served two terms. In terms of the CGE Act, the two applicants are ineligible and do not qualify to reapply as commissioners as they have served two terms.

The committee will be appointing commissioners to fill eight vacancies.

The committee will meet on Wednesday, 23 January at 10 am in Room V475, Old Assembly Building, to deliberate on the criteria for shortlisting candidates.

Source: Republic of South Africa: The Parliament.