Advocate Tells APM to Learn at AU Summit

| January 29, 2017

President Peter Mutharika has Sunday afternoon left to attend the 28th African Summit in Ethiopia.

On departure President Mutharika said he is optimistic that the meeting will be of great benefit to youth empowerment efforts in the country.

International and local players agree that the youth in African countries are facing a number of challenges with unemployment being one of the major ones.

Malawi has been hit with high unemployment among the youth with many struggling to access quality education..

Meanwhile youth advocate Wangie Joana Kambuzi has called on the Malawi Government to grab a tip or two from other African countries such as Botswana and South Africa in involving the youth in national development.

“Government has not fully empowered the youth but it can do better. I am happy that nowadays the youth are taking initiative with most venturing into entrepreneurship, which is in a way creating more jobs,” said Kambuzi.

The theme for this year’s AU Summit is Harnessing Demographic Dividend through Investments in Youth.

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