Assistant Minister Pays Tribute to Tsiane

Hundreds of people, among them, the Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Frans Van der Westhuizen gathered in Takatokwane to honour the village’s leader, Kgosi Motsiele Tsiane.

Kgosi Tsiane passed on last week at the age of 105.

Speaking during the memorial service on Wednesday July 29, Mr Van der Westhuizen described Kgosi Tsiane as an above average man.

“It is our hope that those who worked with him, especially on issues pertaining to his official duties as kgosi have learnt a lot from him and we are hopefully that they will use such acquired knowledge to run the affairs of the kgotla smoothly,” he said.

He urged residents not to view the loss as the end, but that they should instead strive to see that his vision was carried on. As a man who was known to stand his ground on his believes,

Kgosi Tsiane was sometimes perceived by many as a hard headed leader, but Mr Van der Westhuizen said leaders of his character were necessary as they never shied to advice government when they felt things were not going well.

Kgosi Olebogeng Puleng of Motokwe describes Kgosi Tsiane as a noble man.

He was never shaken when speaking of developments that he felt his people deserved and because of his vast experience and wisdom of age, “as magosi in the area we often relied on him for advice. He was considered a father of all the dikgosi in the area”.

The area MP, Mr Ngaka Ngaka said Kgosi Tsiane was a historian. He said Kgosi Tsiane had witnessed many important historical events such as the hoisting of Botswana flag which replaced the Union Jack in 1966.