Autlwetse Appreciates Government Programmes

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Members of Parliament have continued to thank the electorate for voting them in the October general elections.

Responding to the State-of-the-Nation Address on November 25, MP for Serowe North East, Mr Kgotla Autlwetse applauded government for Ipelegeng and rural development programmes, which he said continued to sustain some Batswana.

He however, expressed concern about challenges his constituency was faced with which included bad internal roads and serious shortage of water at Gojwane, Moreomabele, Topisi and Serule.

He said the only borehole watering the four villages was overwhelmed as it had a low yield whenever one of the four villages was being watered, the other three were left without water. He was also concerned about the shortage of accommodation for government employees, noting that families shared houses something he said was not good for raising children.

He said Swaneng Hill School was one of the oldest schools in the country as such it was due for refurbishment as it did not meet the current standards of senior secondary school. Mr Autlwetse also said there was a serious shortage of accommodation for teachers at at he school that carries 1 700 students and more than 100 teachers.

He also called for the improvement masimo road network to enable farmers to ferry their produce to markets.

MP for Takatokwane, Mr Ngaka Ngaka thanked the electorate for retaining him and appealed for the maintenance of Letlhakeng-Kaudwane road and the one from Khudumelapye to Sorilatholo as these roads were not passable especially for tourists.

Mr Ngaka said some destitute persons were disaantaged to benefit from the destitution programme instead, they were being asked to work in the Ipelegeng programme, something that the government should check out.

He also appealed to government to consider reinforcing police patrols in order to fight youth delinquency that was rife in the country.

MP for Ngami, Mr Thato Kwerepe called for the provision of healthcare for people working at the deltas as they accessed medical assistance through telephones (roja roja) something he said compromised their privacy as anyone could overhear while they were consulting.

He thanked the government for improving agriculture production by providing farming implements and such things as fertilisers and seeds. This, he said improved production by the government that has a vision for its people.

He further asked the agriculture ministry to double its efforts in fighting the Foot and Mouth Disease which he said was impoverishing Ngamiland farmers.

He complained that the killing capacity at the Botswana Meat Commission was way too low for Ngamiland cattle alone which were over 500 000. He further said he was thankful of the beef market found at the Democratic Republic of Congo, although there were some hiccups with regards to ferrying beef products because of using the Namibia route that is against FMD.

Mr Kwerepe also appealed to government to provide incentives for teachers in order to produce good results as the disillusioned workforce would never yield any positive results.

He also said there were no radio signals for people residing at Xangwa and Xaxa, which disaantaged them from knowing government programmes.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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