Autlwetse Thanks Voters

| January 22, 2015

Member of Parliament for Serowe North, Mr Kgotla Autlwetse has thanked his constituents for turning up to the last last general elections in large numbers to exercise their constitutional right.

Addressing a series of meetings in his constituency this week, Mr Autlwetse commended his constituents for voting him in large numbers where 84 per cent of those registered to vote cast their ballots.

He opined that such statistics put pressure on political leaders to deliver on the promises made prior to elections. He said unlike public servants, he had to personally introduce himself, a team of councillors and staff of his office to constituents.

He said by introducing his team to the constituency, he will be paving way for them to hold meetings as they sought to address challenges dogging the constituency.

On other issues, Mr Autlwetse consulted his people on the amendment of societies’ Act that seeks to increase the threshold from the current 10 to 250 of the members that should satisfy the establishment of churches.

He revealed that the amendment is aimed at addressing loopholes on the part of registration of churches after realising that some churches especially those owned by foreigners, were mushrooming and turning into flourishing business enterprises.

The Serowe North legislator also appealed to youths to utilise the over P2 million youth development fund availed to them to better their lives. He said observations had been that the young people in his constituency have failed to exhaust the funds meant for them. He consequently called on parents to help craft enticing business proposals.

For his part, Serowe station commander superintendent Patrick Mbikiwa expressed his concern over nocturnal delinquent behavior especially after indulging in alcohol. He observed that young children made their alcohol debut as early as at primary school.

He warned parents that such behavior resulted in unwanted pregnancies that see young mothers abandoning children with their parents to continue with their partying antics. He also revealed that these juveniles loiter in the streets at night and end up engaging in drug abuse while others especially the girl child, gets raped in the process.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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