Bakgatla to meet over Kgafela’s welfare

Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela in South Africa and in Botswana will converge in Lesetlheng, South Africa in two months to address issues surrounding the welfare of their leader Kgosi Kgafela II. This was revealed to The Midweek Sun by Kgafela’s spokesperson Victor Modimakwana.

Kgafela has been on a self-imposed exile in South Africa since May 2012. He fled at the time when he was facing charges of unlawfully flogging his subjects in Mochudi. According to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, the process to extradite Kgafela to Botswana is ongoing.

Recently the local media reported that Kgafela was leaving in poverty in South Africa because Bakgatla Ba Kgafela Tribal Administration was unwilling to continue financing his stay in South Africa following a fall-out with his uncle Kgosi Nyalala Pilane over control of the tribe’s assets.

This week, Modimakwana said while Kgafela currently does not receive any financial support from the tribe’s coffers, he is not poverty stricken.
“Kgabo is living well,” he said.
“The media in Botswana is spreading rumours that he is leaving in poverty to advance Kgosi Nyalala’s evil cause against our Kgosi. Kgabo is well looked after in South Africa.”

However, Modimakwana refused to disclose the identity of Kgafela’s new financiers in South Africa. Although he contends that Kgafela is well looked after in South Africa, Modimakwana told The Midweek Sun that a meeting would be arranged for March to discuss Kgafela’s welfare.

“The meeting will decide how Bakgatla-ba -Kgafela can support Kgafela’s stay in South Africa. Issues such as his accommodation, vehicle and salary will be discussed at the meeting,” he said.

Modimakwana also said Kgafela was not willing to receive anything from Nyalala because he is not a legitimate ruler of Bakgatla -ba-Kgafela in South Africa.
He alleges that Nyalala’s stay in power is prolonged by some elements within the South African ruling party because he bribes them.