Bank Gaborone Opens Kang Branch

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Bank of Botswana governor, Ms Linah Mohohlo has applauded the management of Bank Gaborone for expanding access to banking services to the previously unbanked members of the society in rural areas.

Officiating at the launch of Bank Gaborone mini-branch in Kang, Ms Mohohlo acknowledged the bank’s commitment to partner with the government in promoting the economic well-being of far afield communities.

She noted that through Bank Gaborone’s admirable undertaking of establishing a presence in Kang, the country is therefore making discernible progress.

The launch of a mini-branch in Kang, she said is a farsighted and forward looking business strategy on Bank Gaborone as it looks beyond short term profitability and lays the foundation for future business expansion.

Without attempting to second-guess Bank Gaborone, Ms Mohohlo said she was confident that there was great potential for the Kang-mini branch to graduate into a full branch based on the anticipated high volume of business, since Kang is strategically located along the Trans-Kalahari highway and is a tourists’ stopover.

She said the bank facilities would also serve the local community and surrounding areas directly, promptly and efficiently and relief them the hassle of having to travel long distances to excess banking facilities.

She further reminded the management and staff of the critical importance of excellent customer services, emphasising that their conduct should inspire confidence and trust in the customers they serve.

“The quality of service you render must be of high standard and the charges levied for such services must be fair,” she said.

Banks, she said must be seen to be institutions of trust at all times to keep the savings safe while at the same time be trustworthy to pay interest on deposits at levels that compensate the saver for a decline in purchasing power resulting from inflation.

Bank of Botswana governor said banks should in general be trusted to deal honestly and transparently with customers and all transactions involving deposits and withdrawals must be understood and related costs be contained.

She noted that Bank of Botswana also encourages banks to provide services that cater for people with special needs and requiring custom-made services suited to their specification.

Ms Mohohlo however raised a concern at challenges relating to security and safety of banking facilities due to theft and vandalism in rural and peri-urban areas.

“These unfortunate anti-social acts have frustrated initiatives to widen further the much needed access to banking services country wide,” she said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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