Barclays Bank Takes Fraud Headon

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Barclays Bank has launched a fraud awareness roadshow to sensitise members of the public and all stakeholders about the crime.

The bank will this week run public campaigns on the media and roadshows across the country to sensitise and share information with Batswana, media and the business partners.

Speaking at the launch in Gaborone on November 10, Barclays Bank consumer director, Mr Brighton Banda said it was everyone’s responsibility to respond to the global call and fight fraud.

He said there were rising incidents of fraud by syndicates who happened to be amateurs and masterminds across borders. Mr Banda stated fraud occurs because criminals access customers’ details and hence education to sensitise public is imperative.

“Businesses should take time to identify risks that attract fraud and close those gaps to avoid falling victims of fraud,” he stated. He aised people to be vigilant and skeptical as some fraudsters are in the circles of friends and family, hence no one should be trusted.

He explained that fraudsters master ATM keyboards so that they memorise people’s pins hence he called on people to stay alert when withdrawing money.

Barclays Africa Group head of forensics, Mr Bruno Schiemsky said fraud is very rife in many countries across the globe organised by syndicates who plan such kinds of crimes.

He stated that these syndicates do not settle in one place but operate across borders where they recruit staff from banks to connive with ordinary people from the street who end up assisting them without knowledge that these people are criminals.

Mr Schiemsky said it is a challenge to catch the masterminds behind fraud because they always work behind scenes and send someone to do the dirty job for them. “Fraudsters engage in a lot of dirty jobs, they do hijacking, assassinations and all kinds of crimes as they move around all continents,” he explained.

He said fraudsters are very strategic in identifying accomplices as they do not approach just anyone but bank staff with financial problems and gullible people.

Therefore, he stated that it is imperative to work closely with law enforcement agencies to combat fraud and present their case as Barclays Bank to indicate how serious fraud is. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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