Bathobakae Decries Women Under Representation

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MP for Tlokweng, Ms Same Bathobakae has decried the under-representation of women in political and decision making spheres which excludes them from benefitting equally from development processes.

Commenting on the State-of Nation Address, Thursday, November 20, she said women’s equity and equality could not be achieved without gender parity in governance.

Ms Bathobakae said the fact that there were only five women in Parliament was a sign that gender equality was a distant dream in Botswana.

She said she was disappointed that the President did not see the need to favour women in the positions of specially elected MPs, and instead electing only one woman.

She said, despite the government’s effort to place women in positions of power, women were still lagging behind where it matters most, such as in the legislature.

Ms Bathobakae said the process of governance should be inclusive and participatory so that women should be able to have the opportunity to influence the institutions and policies that affect their lives as most of them head households.

On other issues, the new MP appealed to government to staff the Tlokweng main clinic with more doctors as the referral clinic was overwhelmed but operating with only one doctor.

She also appealed to government to expedite the process of land allocation in Tlokweng, to maintain internal roads, as well as find ways of creating employment for youth.

MP for Maun East, Mr Konstantinos Markus appealed to government to consider erecting cattle grid to fight the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) scourge in the Ngamiland.

He said the people of Ngamiland entirely depended on livestock for survival, adding that without any prompt measures to eradicate the disease, there would be no life for the people of Ngamiland.

“Cattle grid is a very expensive exercise, but it will provide a long lasting solution,” he said.

Mr Markus said in the meantime, government should consider engaging full-time patrols along the cordon fence to control the movement of cattle.

MP for Shashe West, Mr Fidelis Molao praised the government for developments achieved thus far, and condemned the opposition, especially the Leader of Opposition, for altogether condemning all government efforts without offering any solutions.

He however admitted that a lot needed to be done in terms of employment creation, but he boasted that the Economic Diversification Drive had been instrumental in creating employment as so far 28 000 jobs had been created.

“It is clear that we are serious about employment creation as the Diamond Trading Company was a case in point by creating over 3 000 jobs. The programmes that the BDP has promised were articulated in our party manifesto and are delivered as promised to Batswana.

He said the expansion of Bamangwato Concession Limited (BCL)’s acquisition of Norlisk Nickel’s Southern Africa assets will also yield more jobs to Batswana.

Mr Molao said the coal road map which will translate to the construction of Trans-Kalahari and Ponto Techobanine railway projects would also yield positive results for the country.

“Yes we have a plan for this country, but we are faced with challenges because we live in a global village hence we were bound to be affected by the possibly receding recession,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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