Batshu Urges Hods to Use Resources Prudently

| January 20, 2015

The MP for Nkange, Mr Edwin Batshu has urged heads of departments (HODs) to use resources under their care prudently.

Addressing HODs recently, Mr Batshu, who is also the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, said he acknowledged the fact that every department needed money in order to perform their duties effectively.

Mr Batshu said he also understood that the money that government gave to districts was not enough to meet all their objectives. He said what was needed was to use what they had been given wisely.

He added that not having enough money did not give anyone the right to just fold their arms and do nothing. Furthermore, he said they should be able to bring something good out of the little that was given to them, noting that if the money allocated was not used wisely, departments would suffer as they would not meet some of their objectives.

He said government was doing all in its powers to make sure that all constituencies got equal resources for development purposes, and that it was up to departments to prioritise and use the resources accordingly. Mr Batshu said after the government had allocated money to all constituencies, it expects people to perform their duties effectively and find ways in which they could use the funds to cover all their objectives.

He highlighted that Nkange constituency did not perform well as compared to other constituencies in terms of developments. Mr Batshu said although they did not perform well, they must not blame each other, but that what was needed was to correct mistakes and give guidance where it was needed.

He said his wish was to see improvements in government project implementation. Mr Batshu said the only way they would be able to produce good results was by establishing good relationships between him and government departments in his constituency, and by acknowledging where they were and establish a starting point.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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