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| September 7, 2015

The Chinese Ambassador to Botswana, Mr Zheng Zhuqiang says his government is committed to continue assisting the Botswana Defence Force in military training and equipment.

Speaking at a farewell ceremony for 18 Botswana Defence Force personnel who will study in China for two years, recently Mr Zheng said China has so far trained more than 300 BDF soldiers over many years.

He said for the past 40 years the two countries have enjoyed fruitful cooperation in various areas.

Mr Zheng said the two countries support each other in preserving their state sovereignty and territorial integrity by frequent high level exchanges between the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and BDF. The ambassador noted that China has provided military grants to Botswana since 1976 totaling about US$5 million.

He said in terms of human resources development, China provides over 20 training opportunities to BDF personnel.

He urged those who were going to study in China to seize the opportunity to study and to improve their abilities. He also urged them to live up to the expectations of their country, and to gain more knowledge about the Chinese people and their culture.

For his part, the Deputy Commander of Botswana Defence Force, Major General Placid Segokgo thanked the Chinese government for the ever growing bilateral military relationship between the two republics.

He said China has trained many officers from Botswana on professional military education programmes such as defence and strategic studies, command and staff courses, arm specific courses for ground forces, air arm command and logistics command among others.

Maj. Gen. Segokgo told his officers that as future leaders of the BDF, they should take the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, and urged them to abide by all the laws and regulations of China and by the rules and guidelines of the military institutions. He also urged them to respect public ethics and Chinese customs.

He also encouraged them to take their studies seriously so as to impart the knowledge they have acquired to other fellow officers back home.

Source : BOPA

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