BDP Legislators Content With Parliamentary Procedure

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Following recess of the 11th Parliament, Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) parliamentarians say they are content with parliamentary procedures, which they say signal the country’s democracy in motion.

Briefing the media in Gaborone on December 17, MP for Shashe West and the ruling party chief whip Mr Fedelis Molao said there was need to celebrate democratic principles applied in parliament and indeed across all other arms of government such as the Judiciary.

“We need to celebrate the fact that our courts run independently,” he said.citing a recent case in which the Attorney General challenged amendment of parliamentary Standing Orders. The matter was resolved by courts of law and we voted as per the Standing Orders, that process went on very smoothly and we are happy, this is democracy in motion,” he said.

The chief whip said Botswana followed the democratic Westminster Parliamentary system in which “membership reflects party balance and operates with committees which operate like a mini parliament therefore majority party will have more members at committee levels.”

He said there had been rumpus that if chairpersons were coming from the ruling party it would affect oversight. “But the backbench as a collective is supposed to provide and oversight, we don’t buy the story that if committee chairpersons are from the ruling party oversight is affected,” Mr Molao said.

“We are open to our Opposition colleagues to discuss the way forward,” he said. Further he said as a party they caucus and arrive at a consensus before they go to parley contrary to the misconception that they receive instructions.

“We caucus every Tuesday, we have robust debates therefore what we do or say in parliament is not an instruction from somewhere,” he stated. For his part, MP for LetlhakengLephephe Mr Liakat Kably said, ” We are not told what to say or do.”

“Batswana voted us in power so that we can control what goes on in parliament, it will be unfair to the electorates if we can allow opposition members take control,” said Ms Dorcas Makgato at the press conference.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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